Introduction Jobrary

Find a job you like and you add five days to every week. However, to “find a job you like” is an obstacle race, where the first imposing hurdle is creating and sharing your resume. Jobrary, with its unique free online solution, is here to help you rise above the race and ensure your job hunts you down instead.

With Jobrary, you can own a unique URL containing your online resume and portfolio. Shift from traditional, template-bound, black-and-white resumes to a personalized online space where you can showcase your skills and aspirations.

Your URL lends a customized and contemporary touch to your resume. It is always available and can be viewed, updated or edited online. It helps you travel beyond the physical boundaries of printouts, pen drives, heavy email attachments, PDF and doc files.

You can also spread the word more effectively by posting your link on popular networking sites, blogs, e-mailing it to your contacts base, or merely adding it to your e-mail signature. Jobrary also gives you the choice of keeping your details available to public or restrict it for private viewing.

Go the paperless and clutter-free way while you jump-start your career. We’ve changed the rules of the game; it’s time you caught up. Seize the opportunity and sign up to begin creating your own online resume now.

Watch this space for many more innovative features at Jobrary to help you on your quest.


  1. Really intuitive layout so far. But, it would be terrific if PDFs could be uploaded in the portfolio/gallery section in addition to image files.

  2. I think i am one of the first users to sign up on this website but i will definitely be inviting my mates to sign up to.

  3. [...] we launched Jobrary, our users have been asking for ways to add videos and PDFs to their portfolio. Today, we [...]

  4. Tip Top Job!

  5. I have been looking for a website like this for ages!
    You guys rock!!

  6. I would sure like a way to put images in order without having to move them up one position at a time from the bottom. Plus you have to save after they have been moved. So many times I’ve repositioned an image only to have it not where it should be because I didn’t scroll back and hit save.

    Super site. Can’t believe it’s available — and free too

  7. Love this site. Easy and FREE too!

    Would love it if images could be put in order without having to move them one space at a time to where you want them. Also, you have to scroll back to the bottom and hit save or the changes are lost.


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