We have been receiving lots of feedback and feature requests from our users. A lot of people have written amazing things about Jobrary and that’s really motivating. Its amazing to see how people are creatively using our simple yet very powerful service. So, here we are, again with features and changes that are simple yet very powerful.

1. Profile Settings

We have added new options which makes your profile more customizable. For example if you want to show your portfolio as your default profile page, it can be done using these settings. A lot of times creative professionals just want to show their portfolio to the public and therefore don’t need the resume section at all. We have added an option using which you can now select if you need only resume, only portfolio or both.

Profile Settings

2. Video Thumbnails

Earlier, we were showing a standard, static thumbnail image for video portfolio items. This made editing the portfolio difficult as one did not know which video the item represented. Even in the public profile page the viewers did not find it appealing not to have thumbnails for videos. This experience is much better now. With thumbnails editing portfolio is much easier and error free. Even the viewers of the portfolio now find it much attractive and are more likely to view to video.

Video Thumbnails

3. More Portfolio Items

We started Jobrary with maximum limit for portfolio items set to 25. A lot of our users complained about this. They said 25 is very less and creative professionals have a lot to show. Therefore, we have doubled this item with our recent release. You can now upload 50 portfolio items and these can be Images, Videos and PDF files.

We hope these updates will help you create a sleek and sexy profile for yourself. We’d love to hear your feedback. Also, let us know your ideas on how we can improve Jobrary.


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